Dangerous Sea Creatures.

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Imagine, you eating your meal and then in just moments, not being able to breathe! How would that feel? Fugu a fish that if you eat, could have very deadly side effects. Half of the Fugu Poisoning lead to death, but still, people eat 10 000 tons of this fish a year. And the Lionfish, spines on this beautiful fish can make you feel like you want to die. Also, these fish are invasive, eating all the natives with their stomach expanding 30 times their regular size. Fugu a very poisonous fish and the Lionfish and their toxic spines.


Fugu, a delicacy in some parts of the world, but a very poisonous killer. Firstly, some parts of the Fugu fish are poisonous. Toxins from the fish are 1,000 times more powerful than the colorless crystalline salt, Potassium Cyanide. Even though this fish is capable of killing a fulling grown human, Japanese people eat approximately 10,000 tons of this fish every year. There are said to be 80,000 chefs that prepare fugu in Osaka (a large port city) alone. Also, people can die from eating this fish, most of them try to prepare this fish by themselves. Some victims also eat Fugu from an unlicensed chef who serves them the wrong places of the fish. In fact, It sometimes takes years to become a licensed Fugu chef. To become one of these chefs it takes harsh training because it can lead to death. In addition, many people bail out and lose their chance of being a Fugu chef. In summary, eating this fish could end you up in a bad situation, but people take risks and eat this wonderful fish all the time.


In the ocean, something drifts beneath the sea floor, its very pretty, but mostly a killer. The painful Lionfish. Firstly, Lionfish are an invasive species, and many people say eating them is a good thing. These Lionfish have no predators and so they thrive. Also, they eat all the natives, they are capable of expanding their stomachs 20 times the regular size. If nothing is done to kill these fish, many of the natives could go extinct.  Next, getting stung by this fish has a very small chance of dying. But it will make you feel like u want to die. Also, some people have allergic reactions to the stings and could die. Lastly, when you are stung spines cut into your wound and inject the toxins. As I said, Lionfish can cause some serious damage so it is better to admire from a safe distance.


In conclusion, many people still eat Fugu even when it’s poisonous. And, if touched, the Lionfish will send toxins up your bloodstream. Eating the wrong place of the Fugu can get you killed. Half of the Fugu poisoning lead to death, and harsh train will be put to become one of these chefs. Also, Lionfish stings can make you feel like you want to die. Its okay to eat Lionfish because they are an invasive species. In closing, even though these fish are toxic/ poisonous, would you ever try any of these fish?




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