Adobe Voice Projects on Animals, 2016

Canadian Lynx     Bald Eagle     Timber Wolf      Rock Pigeon     Northern Flying Squirrel

Eastern Chipmunk     Sea Otter            Barred Tiger Salamander

Tundra Swan         Rufous Hummingbird              Atlantic Puffin      Raccoons

Big Horn Sheep     Cougar                  Harp Seal                        Red Fox

 Rainbow Trout       Timber Rattlesnake     Narwhals       Mountain Cottontail Rabbit 

Northern Alligator Lizard            Beluga Whale              Arctic Fox

 White Sturgeon          Steller’s Jay               Garter Snake    Harbour Seal

Skating – Feb. 12, Feb. 26, and March 1st.

skate snip

We’re going skating! Our class is scheduled to be at the rink at 12 noon. We skate at MSA, which is the arena beside Mill Lake and Centennial Pool near Seven Oaks Mall.

We will be on the ice from 12: 15 – 1:30. If you can help with tying skates, please be at the rink before 12:00. Parents can skate too!

Due to the ice-time we have been allocated, we are having an early recess and an early lunch at school. Our eating time these three days will be 11:20 – 11:35, and we will eat at school, in the classroom.

Other exciting events: We will share valentines on the morning of Friday the 12th. On Monday the 15th, we go to see the play, The Wiz. On Monday, you will need to have your lunch in a disposable container, not a lunch kit. Please print your name clearly on the outside of the bag. We don’t plan to be carrying backpacks this day.


Learning about the Coast Salish people

Salish village
In class we are learning about how the Coast Salish people lived. We are studying housing, food and transportation. Later we will study trading between villages.
Here is an amazing website to see what a village was like:             SFU On-line Museum

    You can travel through the village, go into the houses, and walk into the forest to learn about traditional ways of doing things.  It is worth a visit!