Track meet! June 6

All grade four and five students will be attending a track meet at Rotary Stadium on June 6. A permission form went home Tuesday, with a letter explaining the day for parents. Students are being asked this week about the events they prefer. 
Please ask your child for this letter.  We would like the permission forms to be returned to school by Friday, June 26. You can pay the $2.00 fee through Cash Online (or hand it in to the teacher if necessary).
         It will a fun day for all!

Be ready for the weather – we will be there, rain or shine!

B Happy

Students in Division 3 will be bringing home their recorder today. Each weekend, it is homework to practice the recorder each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for 15 minutes. Students are instructed to find an appropriate place to practice, and to ask their parent for advice on the best spot. When we start many new songs, students should spend most of their time practising the most recent songs learned in class. Students need to  bring the recorder back to school at the start of each week.

Below, you will find the background music to use while playing at home. Students were instructed to bring home their Art and Music duo-tang with the sheet music, as the on-line copy might not be  very clear.

B Happy