Projects on Waste Management: Recycling, Compost and Landfills

We have been researching the impact of our waste on the environment. Students have created Adobe Voice projects. Click to watch!

Teagan and Jackson: This is why we should recycle

Lexus and Daylia: Yard Compost                              Naeson and Carson: Recycling

Koston: Composting in your yard                            Simar & Rajvir: City of Abbotsford Composting

Steven and Gaby: Blue Bags                                      Austin: Abbotsford City Compost

Shannon and Nick: Project Reuse                             Daylen and Cole V.: Recycling

Aya and Julia: Less Landfills                                        Alex and Alyssa: Why You Should Compost

Ama and Justin: Reduce!                                               Cole B. and Logan: City Compost

Ellie and Camryn: Landfills                                           Melea and Brooklyn: Reducing Things!

abbotsford and mt baker


Dividing larger numbers

We are learning to divide numbers that are two or three digits this month! Students are being shown how to divide with the answer down the side. Some teachers call it The Forgiving Method, others use the name Partial Quotients Method. Here is an example, but please scroll down to see a video too!

Div photo

This method of long division can be easier for students to learn. It gives them a deeper understanding of the standard algorithm rather than just memorizing steps.

 This video shows the method in action:

Here is another example:

There is more than one way to do long division. Children are encouraged to use a method that makes sense for them. If a child already knows how to divide with a different method, they may use that as well.



Fort Langley

Fort langley pic

Check out this website! Why was the fort built? What resources were traded at the fort?  First read the page that appears with the link. Then click on “activities” for more information.

We are visiting Fort Langley National Historic Site on Friday, May 13th. We will leave school at 9 am. We are expected to return to school at 12:30 or 12:40, depending on traffic.

Students will be outdoors for most of our visit, so they should dress for the weather. We will go rain or shine!  Each student should bring a small snack, one that can be eaten standing up and does not require carrying a bag for the rest of the trip. Students will be given the chance to eat this small snack before we start the tour.  We will not be visiting the gift shop; students are asked to not bring money or toys. A student can bring a camera with their parent’s permission, but the teachers are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Parents who wish to come should sign up before May 9th online through “School Cash Online”; there is a charge of $5.50 for parents.

Adobe Voice Projects on Animals, 2016

Canadian Lynx     Bald Eagle     Timber Wolf      Rock Pigeon     Northern Flying Squirrel

Eastern Chipmunk     Sea Otter            Barred Tiger Salamander

Tundra Swan         Rufous Hummingbird              Atlantic Puffin      Raccoons

Big Horn Sheep     Cougar                  Harp Seal                        Red Fox

 Rainbow Trout       Timber Rattlesnake     Narwhals       Mountain Cottontail Rabbit 

Northern Alligator Lizard            Beluga Whale              Arctic Fox

 White Sturgeon          Steller’s Jay               Garter Snake    Harbour Seal

Skating – Feb. 12, Feb. 26, and March 1st.

skate snip

We’re going skating! Our class is scheduled to be at the rink at 12 noon. We skate at MSA, which is the arena beside Mill Lake and Centennial Pool near Seven Oaks Mall.

We will be on the ice from 12: 15 – 1:30. If you can help with tying skates, please be at the rink before 12:00. Parents can skate too!

Due to the ice-time we have been allocated, we are having an early recess and an early lunch at school. Our eating time these three days will be 11:20 – 11:35, and we will eat at school, in the classroom.

Other exciting events: We will share valentines on the morning of Friday the 12th. On Monday the 15th, we go to see the play, The Wiz. On Monday, you will need to have your lunch in a disposable container, not a lunch kit. Please print your name clearly on the outside of the bag. We don’t plan to be carrying backpacks this day.