Learning about the Coast Salish people

Salish village
In class we are learning about how the Coast Salish people lived. We are studying housing, food and transportation. Later we will study trading between villages.
Here is an amazing website to see what a village was like:             SFU On-line Museum

    You can travel through the village, go into the houses, and walk into the forest to learn about traditional ways of doing things.  It is worth a visit!

Games to practice multiplication

pix multi 2

Practicing your multiplication facts is important. We use multiplication every day, and knowing facts makes your life easier.

You can practice on your computer, with flashcards from a dollar store, with a game on paper, and with apps on devices like ipads, ipods and iphones. Here are some suggestions:

Free apps for multiplication :       Math Duel    Math Kid   Mathmateer

My Math Flashcards    Math Academy      Math Drills Lite

Math Champions     ArithmeTick       Multiplication Genius      Times Table Quiz

FlashToPass Free Math    Math Party Free

Computer sites and games:





Games to print out:

Four in a Row         Doubles and Halves     Double Double Double game to multiply

Move 1                 Tic tac toe multiply       Multiples of Three    Stack Em Up for 8

Games to Play with a Deck of Cards      Multiplication_Squares_Game


choir clipart

Concerts – Dec. 17th!

choir clipartLater this month, we will be playing recorder  in our school’s Christmas concerts. Performances will be Thursday, Dec. 17th  at 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm. At this time, it looks like our class will be performing first.  Please come!

We are asking students to wear clothes for performing on stage; for example, a shirt that buttons up the front, and trousers or a skirt. We are asking students to not wear T-shirts with writing across the front, and no shorts or sweatpants, please.  Jeans would be fine. Students do not need to wear any specific colours.

Donations to the food bank are welcomed.

We hope to see you there!