Music for our Christmas songs

We are learning A Porcupine in a Pine Tree. Here is the music to accompany the song: CLICK HERE.

We are also learning Sleigh Ride. Click on the arrow to play.

We will be performing on Dec. 15, at 1:15 pm and 6:15 pm. Hope you can make it!

Students should arrive at 6 pm – please do not arrive early. Thank you!

Games to practice multiplication


Learning multiplication facts is important. We use multiplication every day, and knowing facts makes your life easier.

You can practice on your computer, with flashcards from a dollar store, with a game on paper, and with apps on devices like ipads, ipods and iphones. Here are some suggestions:

Free apps for multiplication :         Math Kid  

My Math Flashcards    Math Academy      Math Drills Lite

Math Champions     ArithmeTick       Multiplication Genius      Times Table Quiz

Computer sites and games:

Games to print out and card games:

Four in a Row         Doubles and Halves   

 Double Double Double game to multiply

Move 1                 Tic tac toe multiply       Multiples of Three    Stack Em Up for 8

Games to Play with a Deck of Cards      Multiplication_Squares_Game


Learning about the Coast Salish people

Salish village
In class we are learning about how the Coast Salish people lived. We are studying housing, food and transportation. Later we will study trading between villages.
Here is an amazing website to see what a village was like:             SFU On-line Museum

    You can travel through the village, go into the houses, and walk into the forest to learn about their history.  It is worth a visit!

More Practice of Continent and Oceans


  1. Click on this site first.
  2. Then test how you are doing by clicking here.
  3.  This sorting activity takes some time. You need to decide on the category you will use, such as “Asia” or “oceans”. Read the instructions as you go. You do NOT need to log in to play.
  4. Finally, try this quiz! It gives you the name at the top and you need to click on the correct dot. Press play.  It is timed!

The Powerhouse at Stave Falls

Today we learned that rain makes electricity. Rain creates more water flowing in the hydroelectric power plant, and makes more electricity.

A turbine will spin when water goes in.


A big tube called a penstock brings water from the reservoir to the turbine. It looks like a water slide!

The electric car runs on 8 batteries in the front and eight batteries in the back. That makes 16 batteries!



This was a demonstration of Tesla’s power generator. It lookd like lightning! It also smelled like burnt ions. We had to wear hearing protection because it was very loud. He invented it so that everyone could have free power. Hmmm….. but we don’t have free power. : (


The building was huge!

More pictures can be seen at this post. You’ll need the password you got in September!