Google Classroom!

Wondering why we haven’t been posting here lately? We have been using Google Classroom!  You can get to our Google Classroom using your Learn34 account and password. You can play some math games at home or catch up on assignments that you have missed. 

In the next three months, music to go along with our recorder lessons will be posted here, as well as extra copies of the sheet music.  Come back to see in April!



Ice Skating in January!

skating-dogWe will be going ice skating in January, 2017! There are three Fridays to skate – Jan. 6th, 13th and 20th.  Each class has a scheduled time. Division 3 will be skating in the afternoons at MSA Arena, across Emerson Street from Centennial Pool. We leave the school at 12 noon, and should be putting on our skates at 12:15  Can you come to help with tying skates? It would be very appreciated! Parents can also join students on the ice skating; bring your own skates, or rent from MSA.   

We require students to wear helmets, and mittens or gloves are strongly suggested.  It is best to wear long socks that are not too thin, especially for those who are renting skates.

Students must complete a field trip-form (skating-2017 attached). As this is a higher risk activity, there are many places which require a parent initial; it also must be signed by a witness.

Parents should go to to pay. Please complete the second form to indicate size of skates if you are renting.

Music for our Christmas songs

We are learning A Porcupine in a Pine Tree. Here is the music to accompany the song: CLICK HERE. Click here for the lyrics:porcupine in a pine tree lyrics

We are also learning Sleigh Ride. Click on the arrow to play.

We will be performing on Dec. 15, at 1:15 pm and 6:15 pm. Hope you can make it!

Students should arrive at 6 pm – please do not arrive early. Thank you!

Games to practice multiplication

Fruit Shoot and other games


Learning multiplication facts is important. We use multiplication every day, and knowing facts makes your life easier.

You can practice on your computer, with flashcards from a dollar store, with a game on paper, and with apps on devices like ipads, ipods and iphones. Here are some suggestions:

Free apps for multiplication :         Math Kid  

My Math Flashcards    Math Academy      Math Drills Lite

Math Champions     ArithmeTick       Multiplication Genius      Times Table Quiz

Computer sites and games:

Games to print out and card games:

Four in a Row         Doubles and Halves   

 Double Double Double game to multiply

Move 1                 Tic tac toe multiply       Multiples of Three    Stack Em Up for 8

Games to Play with a Deck of Cards      Multiplication_Squares_Game


Learning about the Coast Salish people

Salish village
In class we are learning about how the Coast Salish people lived. We are studying housing, food and transportation. Later we will study trading between villages.
Here is an amazing website to see what a village was like:             SFU On-line Museum

    You can travel through the village, go into the houses, and walk into the forest to learn about their history.  It is worth a visit!