Peer Tutoring 11/12

Welcome to Peer Tutoring!
The Peer Tutoring Program is modeled on research and experience that shows students often seek the help of fellow students when they are having trouble with work in a subject in school. Students who have strong communication and helping skills can effectively tutor their peers. Further, there is cognitive and personal benefit to both the student giving assistance and the student receiving assistance.

To this end, the ATSS Peer Tutoring Program has chosen to focus its efforts on assisting students at our main feeder middle school, Abbotsford Traditional Middle School, on the ATSS Learning Assistance Program, and on Grade 9 & Grade 10 Courses. In these areas, Peer Tutors can be of greatest benefit to their fellow students, and also reap great rewards from this service.

To receive credit for this course, students must complete all required assignments as outlined by their classroom sponsor teacher(s). This is a four-credit course that counts toward Graduation. Attendance to your assigned class is mandatory and will be tracked – absences MUST be excused through the office.

It is expected that Peer Tutors take a “hands-on” approach to their role – showing initiative is a must. This course is not intended as a “study” or “free” block, and the requirements of the program are such that Peer Tutors must demonstrate some competency working in the classroom environment by the end of their placement. Successful Peer Tutors are those that are able to see how they can positively contribute to their assigned classroom, and then make that contribution.

Students in a Linear placement MUST complete the entire year to receive credit for the course. Students that are enrolled in the Peer Tutoring program (Linear or Semester 1) may choose to complete a subsequent placement in Semester 2 (credit given for Peer Tutoring 11), provided the Peer Tutor has an elective in their timetable they can change out of, and there is an appropriate placement for them. Please see the Counselling Centre or Mrs. Myers for more details.

As a Peer Tutor, you have a responsibility to your assigned Sponsor Teacher to communicate clearly with them about your role and responsibilities as a Peer Tutor in their classroom. It is expected you will seek and follow their directions, complete assigned tasks to earn credit for this course, and that you will report to them for attendance (and advise them of any absences). Teachers come to rely on the presence of their Peer Tutor, and repeated unexplained absences will be dealt with according to school policy.
For more detailed information about this course, please refer to your handbook. Contact Mrs. Myers or your sponsor teacher if you have any questions or concerns about being a Peer Tutor. The Peer Tutoring Program greatly appreciates your service to the Traditional School Community.

Welcome to Peer Tutoring 2014

Peer Tutoring Application 2014                               Sponsor Teacher Information 2014

Peer Tutoring Handbook                                          PT – What Is Expected of Me as a Tutor

PT – How to Tutor                                                     PT – Peer Tutors as Role Models

PT – What’s My Style Quiz                                       PT – What’s My Style Score Sheet

Peer Tutoring Semester (Term 1)                            Peer Tutoring Semester (Term 2)

Interview Rubric                                                         Lesson Plan Rubric

Case Study Rubric                                                    Journal Rubric

Peer Tutoring Case Study # 1

Peer Tutoring Case Study # 2