Peer Tutoring 11/12

Welcome to Peer Tutoring!

The Peer Tutoring Program is modeled on research and experience that shows students often seek the help of fellow students when they are having trouble with work in a subject in school.  Students who have strong communication and helping skills can effectively tutor their peers.  Further, there is cognitive and personal benefit to both the student giving assistance and the student receiving assistance.

All students wishing to be considered as Peer Tutoring Candidates for this school year will receive and complete an application package.  Completion of the package is mandatory for application to the Peer Tutoring Program, but is NOT a guarantee of placement in the Program.  Failure to complete this application is grounds for withdrawal from Peer Tutoring and placement in another course.

To receive credit for this course, students must complete all required assignments as outlined in this course outline and in the Peer Tutoring Handbook.  Attendance to your assigned class is mandatory and will be tracked – absences MUST be excused through the office.  Peer Tutors will also meet at least one homeroom class per month for check-in and journal submission.  Regular email contact will also be maintained – Peer Tutors are responsible for checking AbbyNet!!

Peer Tutoring Handbook

Peer Tutoring Course Outline

PT – What’s My Style Quiz

PT – What’s My Style Score Sheet

Case Study Rubric

Interview Rubric

Journal Rubric

Lesson Plan Rubric

Peer Tutoring Case Study # 1

Peer Tutoring Case Study # 2