SD34 Computer Basics

Wbuilding-teacher-capacity2elcome to Building Teacher Capacity with Technology


The following materials have been custom-made for SD34 staff. Typical tasks often performed on a district computer have been identified. Click on any of the topics below to receive a short tutorial on how to that particular task on a district imaged computer. How many are you familiar with?

  1. Accessing District Help
  2. An Easy Way to Back Up All Your Files
  3. Browser Search Preferences
  4. Checking for a WiFi Connection
  5. Clean Up Your Computer Using Malware Bytes
  6. Cleaning your Screen and Computer
  7. Connecting a Mouse
  8. Connecting Speakers and Adjusting Volume
  9. Connecting to a Printer
  10. Connecting to a Projector
  11. Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  12. Download and Install “Any Video Converter”
  13. Downloading YouTube Video with Any Video Converter
  14. Eliminate Add-On Toolbars From Your Web Browser
  15. File properties
  16. Finding and Running Programs
  17. Holding Down the Power Button
  18. How To Carry a Laptop
  19. How to find your MAC address for the technicians
  20. How To Go To An Exact Web Address
  21. How To Use The Disk Cleanup Program
  22. Managing Battery Power
  23. Microphone Settings
  24. My U Drive in Abbyconnect
  25. Organizing Your Wiring
  26. Overheating
  27. Personalizing Your Desktop
  28. Pinning and Shortcuts
  29. Right Clicking
  30. Setting Home Pages
  31. Shutting Down
  32. Single and Double Clicking On The Internet
  33. Snipping Tool
  34. Switching Users
  35. The Function (Fn) Keys
  36. The Search Function
  37. Using a USB Flash Drive
  38. Using the CCleaner
  39. Using Windows Explorer
  40. Web Browsers
  41. What to do if a document camera stops working
  42. Where Do Downloads Go
  43. Why is an Ethernet Cable Important?
  44. Your Digital Ambassador

Here is another helpful resource on how to use your PC: