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Digital Lessons

Digital Recipes for the Blended Classroom

Above is a live presentation created in Nearpod. Learn more here. Apps and Cloud Services to Support Blended Learning Apps to Create Narrated Slides  Adobe Voice is a free iOS app that lets you make an impact with an amazing animated video. Persuade, inform and inspire anyone online. App Store link. …

Teaching with a Green Screen

Here is a copy of the slides (minus the movies) of the presentation at Shared learning 2016.  Please contact any of your helping teachers if you would like assistance in using this technology with your class. Teaching with a Green Screen – Shared Learning Presentation 2016

Google SketchUp for Math and More

Many educators are using Google SketchUp to teach math concepts and spatial relationships in general. They have students use Google SketchUp on their student laptops and computers to create their own 3D objects. Here is a video that is useful to begin learning about Google SketchUp:

Make a Video Lesson using Movie Maker

For this “digital recipe” students create a lesson that explains a topic from class using student laptop computers. The lessons can be creative and involve acting or be more like a documentary. A concept in math, science, or any other subject can be explained. Images can be added and the …