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Outlook Email

Archive Old Emails

Is your Outlook email starting to take up too much space on the district server? It is easy to remove old emails from the district email server and still be able to access them on your computer including all attachments. Here is a video tutorial on how to archive old …

Outlook Email

As of 2012-13 Abbotsford school district uses Exchange mail which is commonly referred to as Outlook Webmail or OWA. Microsoft Outlook the software program and access on various kinds of mobile devices is also possible with Outlook Email. Outlook is really a suite of programs including Email, Calendar, Group Email …

Outlook Email Tips

For help with Outlook email, contacts, or calendars, contact David Ennis, Deirdre DeGagné, or Gary Toews. Clicking on the title of this post will activitate the following link OUTLOOK TRAINING VIDEOS (LINK).  The videos provide a step by step walk-through for the most common tasks performed in Outlook.