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Java Updates and the ASK Toolbar

Most people consider the ASK web browser toolbar to be an annoyance. It is important if you find yourself doing a Java update on your PC computer to uncheck the boxes related to installing the Ask toolbar. This is the popup box with the installation boxes checked (most people do …

Google SketchUp for Math and More

Many educators are using Google SketchUp to teach math concepts and spatial relationships in general. They have students use Google SketchUp on their student laptops and computers to create their own 3D objects. Here is a video that is useful to begin learning about Google SketchUp:

How to Change Internet Explorer Search Providers

Many people want to change from Bing to Google as their default Internet Explorer search provider. The video tutorial below shows you how to do that and is for the most common version of Internet Explorer on district computers as of September 2013. If a newer version of Internet Explorer …

Using XnView to Batch Process Photos

Here is a video about using XnView to support uploading of photos to websites with the additional message of keeping photos small so that it is more difficult for viewers to download them and inappropriately edit them.