Make a Scavenger Hunt for your School Using QR Codes and Google Drive

How to create QR codes of photos around your school to create a Scavenger Hunt.

  1. Take a number of photos with your mobile phone.
  2. Open the Photos App (iPhone) and select them.
  3. Share/upload them to Google Drive. Link to Google Drive app in the App Store
  4. Locate and choose a photo in Google Drive. Tap the “3 dots” menu and choose “Get Link” (this copies the photo’s Internet Address)
  5. Open Qrafter (Link to the Qrafter App in the App Store).
  6. Tap “Create”
  7. Scroll down and Tap “Clipboard Contents”
  8. Dismiss the Advertisement (this is the price of using the free App)
  9. Tap “Preview Content”
  10. Tap “Create”
  11. The resulting QR code will take people to the photo when they scan it with a QR Code reader. Click to see a list of the best QR Apps
  12. You can email the code to yourself so you can use it in a Word Document.
  13. Take photos of different places throughout your school yard. People search for places shown in the QR photos. When they find a spot, they will be also find the QR code for the next spot on campus.
  14. Turn this into a game with clues and facts to collect. Fun!