Publishing Newsletters to Your School Website

School newsletters should be published using the “News” feature of our school websites. The following procedure will ensure that newsletters are viewable on both the school website and the Abby Schools iPhone App.

  1. Convert Newsletter into PDF format.
  2. Log into school website Example: http://yourschoolwebsite/user 
    If you do not have an editor account, please contact Kayla Stuckart (COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER) 
  3. Click on Shortcuts, then Add Content, then choose News.

  4. Click Choose image to add a Main Image for the News Item. Be sure to look for images that are labeled for reuse. Click here for an example:

  5. Add a Title.
  6. Add text that will become the Newsletter Link.
  7. Upload the PDF version of your newsletter.
  8. Uncheck the Display checkbox.
  9. Click on the document link to view the newsletter.
  10. Copy the URL of the Newsletter
  11. Select the Link Text and click on the Link Tool.
  12. Select URL and paste the Newsletter URL. Then Click OK
  13. Click on Save (bottom left of page).

    This will publish the News Item including the school newsletter to the News Hub on the school website as well as to the Abby Schools iPhone App.

Please contact Gary Toews or Kayla Stuckart if you have any questions about SD34 school websites.