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Key Features

  • Administer SelectSurvey from any computer with Internet access (Nothing to install)
  • 26 different question types including 5 types of matrix questions, ranking, and constant sum
  • Templates to create your own custom look and feel
  • Create additional surveys from a bank of questions, or select among previous survey questions
  • Save time using question libraries. Create a question once, save it in a question library, and then re-use it in future surveys.
  • Branching, or “Page Conditions” allows the survey taker to encounter specific questions based on their answers to other questions.
  • Invite users to take surveys via your own email lists. Send customized email invitations, track responses, view message history, and send follow-up mail. High email volume is possible via ResponseLogic, an add-on which uses message scheduling.
  • Advanced reporting includes summary reports, individual results, lists of respondents, custom reports, filtering, data export and report sharing.
  • Export data from any survey into CSV/Excel/XML in many formats and 64 language encoding options, including SPSS. Includes dozens of options for exporting additional data such as hidden fields, response id and survey id for combining multiple exports.

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